Discover Hope in Times of Despair

A 40-day devotional designed to encourage, motivate, and rekindle your relationship with God during hard times.

Why Choose Daily Hope

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Maybe you’ve experienced a recent life change such as the loss of a loved one, insecurity on your job, or relationship heartbreak that has led to an increased sense of loneliness and despair.

Or maybe you feel insignificant, unseen, unheard, and you are not receiving the care and attention from those you thought would provide it to you.

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There are some serious costs that come with prolonged feelings of loneliness such as depression, anxiety, heart disease, drug use, domestic violence, and even early death.

If you are feeling prolonged loneliness and depression, according to a 2021 Harvard study, these feelings could develop into suspicion, contempt, and aggression.

Additionally, the study shows that the lack of social connection associated with loneliness carries similar (sometimes greater) health risks as heavy smoking, drinking, and obesity.

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How Do I Make a Change?

How Do I Make a Change?

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Make Meaningful Changes in Your Life

Daily Hope provides inspiration and motivation to make positive changes in your life. You will come away with a renewed sense of purpose and strength to face whatever life brings.

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Connect More Deeply with God

If you’ve been feeling disconnected and unsure of your purpose, our 40 day devotional can help you get back on track and re-establish a lasting, meaningful relationship with God.

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Find Hope in God's Word

Take a deep dive into God's word and discover the spiritual guidance, peace, and hope that is disclosed within its pages. Enjoy reading powerful passages and reflection questions designed to help you overcome feelings of loneliness and despair.

About the Author


bishop-allen-wiggins-profile-outdoorMy name is Allen Wiggins, and I’m the Senior Pastor of The Hope Church of Orlando. I believe in sharing my personal experiences and the gifts that the Father has placed within my care to improve the quality of life for humanity. My hope is to inspire others to join the same pursuit and create an army of hope distributors.

I’ve personally adopted a few words spoken by Geri Weitzman as my personal mantra: “Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of ”. This includes the atmosphere of your relationships, personal standards, and the environment you live in. I am the founder of an ecosystem which is the basis for a community development project called Hope Center West, a live, work, learn, play, and worship community. These fundamental elements of life have advanced the transforming of Orlando’s Washington Shores community, where our ministry is located.

I can remember at pivotal times in my life feeling as if I was fighting a losing battle. I felt as if i had no options that led to success. I would grapple with depression pondering thoughts like: things and people will never change, no one really cares, why am I wanting better for someone who does not want it for themselves?

Once entangled with hopelessness I realized that my life was starting to spiral out of control, and once again, it seemed as if I didn’t have the energy nor the will to fight against this attack.


bishop-allen-wiggins-home-office.jpegThank God for the Holy Spirit reminding me that my hope was tied to my Savior and not to my daily situations. He reminded me that we are constantly in a battle against Satan, who wants me to believe that the worst thing I could do is EXPECT BETTER!

I have discovered that positive expectations ignites my Hope and fuels my Faith! Now I understand, as a part of my daily routine, I must deliberately and intentionally promote and protect the gift of Hope that God has deposited in me!